Sweet Talk

Lets suck on lollipops and talk sweetly to each other. Interconnected lollipops. So we’re right up close. So i can feel the vibrations when i ask you to sing to me. Tingling in my mouth. Don’t worry about the saliva, the sweet is so large and mouthwatering, it’s impossible to stay dry.

Photo by Nick Hynan
Photo by Nick Hynan

Sweet Talk was performed outside VIVID at Warwick Bar Fete for Companis. It was one to one interactive. Up close and personal. Mouths full of sugar. Like a childrens animated film the innuendo is there, the in joke to keep the adults amused. It was, however, a family friendly event, the children who interacted (often whilst sat on their parents knee) found it hilarious, not only did they get a free sweet but the silly mumblings and difficulty of talking with a large lollipop in ones mouth became a challenge (and they were far less embarrased about dribbling every where in the process).








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