Distant Collaboration, Close Connection


Photo by Ray Spence

I met Priya Saujani at Spots in London, 2012. We were both performing intimate one to ones. She came and danced with me in ‘Every Time We Say Goodbye’. We finished and she looked at me and i knew. She got it! She understood on a deep level exactly what i wasn’t trying to give away. The secret part to the performance. The bit only i knew.

Ever since we have kept in touch, supported each other from a distance. We live no where near each other and yet we intuitively connect. I began work with the pole, unbeknownst that so had she! She talks my language.

We each make our own work but the currents flow side by side.

Recently we began a distant collaboration and the image above is the first performative manifestation of this.

Priya reworked her sound piece ‘Love Tunnel’ to be in the Home For Waifs And Strays February show ‘Four Letter Word’. This immediately reminded me of a film installation i had made at a particularly tough time called ‘Ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?’ which i showed at TROVE in 2011.

I reworked this film piece and added Priyas voice. The old sound still remained but slowed down to a growl.

It felt right to display the work through a performance, i thought of her when i made it, her physical absence not inmportant, i acted as a vessel, representing both of us.

Here is the video/sound piece.






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