Fem Fresh




photo 1
Image by Martyna Lisiewicz

Recently artist Priya Saujani and I were selected to perform at Fem Fresh – Feminism, Age and Live Art run by Live Art Development Agency (LADA) at Queen Marys University.

This was a fantastic event and we also received mentoring from the wonderful artist Anne Bean.

The day included performances, talks and a feedback meal, and we were both incredibly excited to be part of it.

Priya and i have exchanged, supported each other and collaborated distantly for a while but this was our first physical performance together! It was incredibly intense. The performance is a ritual that includes one to one’s and spectacle simultaneously.

We are continuing work on this piece and this was a very strong beginning, and we shall be performing it again, in its evolved state, later this year.

We were honoured to be included in the line up of such fantastic artists who also performed and gave presentations on the day. This was a truly rewarding experience that explored and discussed current issues in Feminism, Age and Live Art in an incredibly supportive environment.


photo 2
Me and Priya

Fem Fresh

Priya Saujani





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