Fierce FWD

photo 3
Image by Nick Hynan

I was recently awarded a bursary from Fierce Festival as part of their Fierce FWD artist development program.

This money and support has enabled me to further develop my work surrounding the pole.

Throughout this time i was able to hire space at Vivid Projects to trial my work in progress in front of an invited audience in order to test the technical aspects and to receive invaluable feedback and documentation.

This work is more physical and stripped back than anything i have done before and it is still very much in the development stages but i have, as a result of this trial performance, joined up with a sound artist to collaborate with and i now have a much stronger idea of some of the technical issues i need to address.

Through talking to the Fierce Directors i have also ventured down new routes of research to inform this work, some of which has included working at a pole dancing club, to achieve a better understanding of what is driving my desire to make this work, and also what is not.

photo 1
Image by Nick Hynan

Fierce FWD

Vivid Projects

Nick Hynan




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