Image by Timothy James Pratt
I have been working as a Live Artist since 2011 having previously studied Fine Art, focusing primarily on sound and film installations. My work is still multidisciplinary, aiming at the total blurring of boundaries between art forms. I create performative installations that interact with the audience, often through intimate one to one encounters.
Intimacy, desire, human connection and ‘the moment just before’ are strong components to my work, as are power dynamics, often putting the audience member in either the submissive or the dominant role, using sensory and tactile elements to seduce or repulse, or both! I don’t do trivial interactions, no mild exchanges. I want you to feel, and to feel intensely!
Past performance events including Fierce Festival and Junction Festival in the Midlands,  ‘Spots’ for Thrust Productions, The Shag and ‘What Audience?’ in London, and Tempting Failure in Bristol where i received an emergent artist bursary and spoke on the Body and Being in Live Art panel.
Alongside my own artistic practice I have curated shows for [STATE] and TROVE, and  Co-Direct  Home For Waifs And Strays, a new live art initiative, in Birmingham.

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