Her Lady’s Pleasure

Photo by Timothy James Pratt
Photo by Timothy James Pratt

Her Lady’s Pleasure was performed at The Wig, Birmingham in August 2013. This was a highly ambitious collaboration between myself and temp0rary that pushed all involved to make something that broke all our boundaries of previous work as we walked heroically into a territory none of us had walked before!

My concept was to make a live performance that created music and imagery from an orgasm! The idea was not to have the effect of a extravagant sex show but to make something so beautiful and grand scale that the physical would be transcended into something almost spiritual. It was important to me that the audience would be in control of my orgasm, and that they in turn would be part of the pleasure. This piece was a celebration of sensual pleasure, a reaction against shame and guilt, body fascism, and taboos.

The amazing temp0rary were brave enough to take me up on this idea and enabled this concept to manifest in an immersive experience where the audience were able to give me pleasure by themselves enjoying tea and cake. My experience of the pleasure was translated back through the music via a device that measured my brain activity.

The aesthetics were based on Fragonard’s rococo painting ‘The Swing’.


                                                           Image by Timothy James Pratt

I find this piece difficult to articulate. My desire to make it came from a place of wanting to feel that pleasure of all kinds should be an entitlement of life for all, that there should not be any greater excuse for it other than ‘just because it’s nice’. Pleasure can be something we deny ourselves because we do not feel worthy, because we are told it is ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’. We think our bodies are somehow inherently ‘dirty’ for being weak with our desires. This piece was a two fingers up to that attitude. I believe that it can actually take a certain strength of character and mind to actually allow oneself to feel physical pleasure fully and without guilt.  I do believe we succeeded in making a whole audience make me orgasm (twice) in a performance that was not for one second anything less than completely and utterly beautiful in every way. After the show one friend said to me ‘i never thought i’d see it but if anyone could pull off a dignified orgasm on a swing it would be you Kate’.

There is a microsite dedicated to this performance http://cunabula.io/hlp/index.html

Links to videos of the night;

By Timothy James Pratt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSUUsLyBiVs

By Peter Jones http://vimeo.com/75390691

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Every Time We Say Goodbye

You walk into a room, in the corner stands a woman, lit in red. She glistens softly in a long white evening dress. She moves closer, there’s something about her eyes, cloudy, under some kind of spell maybe. She draws you close and places headphones on your ears gently. Pulling you to her body you dance in each others gaze, the music playing ‘Every time we say goodbye I die a little …’. Time stops and the outside world evaporates, nothing else exists except this moment, you are the only two people in the world. Strangers. Not a word has passed your lips and yet you know each other. This moment could last forever, and yet it has to end, doesn’t it.

Spots 7

Photo by Theo Polyviou
Photo by Theo Polyviou

Spoys 8Kate-Spence-Bobby-5

Image by Bobby Whitaker

This piece is a one to one in the truest sense. I have performed it in Birmingham, Bristol and London. Intimate, seductive, funny and sad, to date I think this piece has been the one to provoke the strongest audience response.